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Every day our Educational Services help and guide prospective students in making the right Study Abroad choices or decisions. From Picking a Country, Picking a Course, Successful Admission Application, and Placement, Visa and Travel Support, we do it all.

Study in France

Planning to Study in France? There are so many reasons that make studying in France very appealing. You encounter schools with great reputations, interesting and intellectual student life, as well as a rich and unique culture, makes it one of the most popular countries to study in the world.

study in france

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Study in France:

#1 Work Opportunities in France
Graduating from a university programme in France means that you’ll be in a great position. France is home to many of the world’s 500 largest corporations
and its industrial groups are leaders in their sector with very impressive global operations including Airbus (aeronautics); Sanofi (health);
Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (luxury goods); and Danone (food products).

#2 Student Life in France: On Campus
France used to have a complicated system of degrees and diplomas but are now being standardized to Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees.
A lot of schools are state-funded, but business schools are mostly privately owned.

#3 Student Life in France: Off Campus
Students in France also never fail to travel around the region. Just like other European and Schengen countries, students get access to many discounts on rail passes
and other travel opportunities. You might even get opportunities to travel as part of your programme or internship. You’ll also be surrounded by testaments of France’s long history and wonderful heritage. There are more than a thousand of museums throughout the country,
for example. From hundreds of castles and medieval towns, you’ll also get to experience paintings from the greatest artists such as Monet, Gauguin and Renoir.

study in france

#4 Cost of Living for students
Depending on where you study in France and the type of accommodation, the average student in France spends about €600-800 a month.
Living in student halls mean you can expect to pay between €150-350. However, in Paris, a student lodging is around €400 and up to €800 if you’re in private apartments.
Transportation also varies from city to city. There are usually discounts for students as well, which comes down to around €50 per month.
Food isn’t a big a problem either. Prices at a restau-u (restaurants in the university) are great for students. You can even find complete meals for €3.50.

#5 Study in France: Visa Information
Here’s the good news – especially if you’re outside the EU! France is making an effort to recruit international students now, so the French government has simplified
the Visa process. So if you live in one of the 41 countries of the “Study in France” procedure, you now have a single online service to help you.
Your visa application will automatically be transferred to the French consular authorities in your country of residence through this platform.


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Imperial Educational Services is an education consultancy and training firm in Lagos, Nigeria which provides Education Consultancy Services and Study Abroad Guidance/Counseling for Nigerian and African students.
Our services extend to our other partner schools in USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic & many more.

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