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Why Study In Cyprus

Well-known for its sunny beaches, luxurious hotels and impeccable tourism services, Cyprus has invested its riches in a high-quality European education system, with affordable university tuition costs and plenty of facilities and benefits. You’ll experience no trouble finding excellent Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to Study in Cyprus that would match the standards of international universities worldwide.

10 Reasons Why You Should Study In Cyprus

1. Different universities in Cyprus are offering multiple courses at affordable fees.

2. Students have the chance to study their desired courses. In terms of what you can study, there is virtually no limit here for the international student.

3. English is mainly the language of instruction, many programs are offered in English, especially at the masters and bachelors degree level.

4. Students who wish to study in cyprus will get world class degree recognized around the world, no matter you want to work in Europe, Middle East or elsewhere.

5. Students have affordable living expenses, low cost “on-campus and off-campus rooms”, no tax and much more.

6. Financial aid programs are available at universities/colleges of Cyprus to provide financial assistance to students who need aid in order to begin or complete their studies in Cyprus.

7. Part time work during studies is allowed to students who have a work permit. Students have the opportunity to work; During the semester: up to 20 hours per week. During break time: up to 38 hours per week.

8. North Cyprus is probably one of the most considerable places for education in the world, and you are not alone, there are more than 40,000 students studying in North Cyprus.

9. Tourism in Cyprus is what helps you never get bored throughout the year. The Island’s rich culture and warm people make any international immigration to the Island worthwhile.

10. You can get permanent access to both European Union and Turkish shores.


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Imperial Educational Services is a Lagos based education consultancy agency that helps aspiring students from Nigeria and Africa to secure foreign admission. We are affiliated with universities in Cyprus, Canada, UK, United States, Lithuania, Dubai, Georgia, Hungary, Ukraine, China and so many countries. Part of the services rendered by the agency includes applications documentation, admissions processing, visa support, travel, ticketing, and airport pick up.

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