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England; More than Just an Education.

June 23, 2017BY StudyAbroad ( 0 ) Comment

There are a variety of reasons that you should consider studying in England. Some of these reasons involve your academic life, but they also includ

Study in the Heart of Europe; Lithuania

June 21, 2017BY StudyAbroad ( 0 ) Comment

Located in the heart of Europe, Republic of Lithuania is a European country on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. Lithuania borders on the Russia

8 Reasons to study in Bulgaria

June 20, 2017BY StudyAbroad ( 0 ) Comment

Why Should I study in Bulgaria? If you are still wondering whether to apply at a Bulgarian university and become a student at one of the best unive

Why Study In Germany

March 20, 2017BY StudyAbroad ( 0 ) Comment

Why Study in Germany With its ‘dual education system,’ resting on the principle of ‘unity of learning and research,’ and the emphasis on ap

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