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February 25, 2020BY StudyAbroad ( 0 ) Comment

Getting Admission Abroad: Easier than You thought!!

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How to get admission abroad: It’s easier than you think

Ever applied to schools abroad before and you were rejected over and over again, you resolve that studying abroad is a very daunting task. Well, it’s time to break the ice, getting admissions abroad, it’s actually easier than you thought. Over the course of the week, in a series of posts, bit by bit we would take apart the study abroad concept and put you in the loop of the whole process. Our job is only when get you that dream admission.
In the beginning, it looks like a bogus task but with proper planning and even better execution and guidance from our team of experts, studying abroad as never been easier.
The entire process of applying to a school abroad can be classified into the following stages:

I. Research on Schools
II. Application to desired Schools
III. Offer of Admission

Research on Colleges and University

One of the most important aspects of the admissions process is identifying the schools that are good for you. To ensure that you are applying to a balanced school, where you will be happy and successful, please extensively research each school before adding it to your list.

In addition to helping you narrow down your choices, the expert counselors at Imperial Educational Service (IES) have compiled the following tips on how to research a college effectively.

Firstly, base your search on academics

: Ultimately, the reason you are going abroad is to get a good education, so focus on what you will learn in the classroom. If you know what you want to study, make sure to visit that department’s web page and read about the courses offered and the professors who teach those classes.

Consider the social factors

Yes, you are going to school to learn but you also need a social experience. Look for schools that have socio-cultural activities, clubs, events, academic communities that you attend as well as join while you study.

Check the numbers, but don’t dwell on them

Tuition fees, Admission rates, diversity rate (that’s the number of other nationalities and cultures that are represented on campus), accommodation cost (on-campus and off-campus) are some of the major factors that should be considered.

Use Professional Consultant

There is an abundance of college information out there and unfortunately, you don’t just come by them, we at IES have affiliations with some of this schools, and alumni’s in various schools around the world. While researching, keep in mind that all sources or materials could be flawed in some way and we are always there to help you when you get stuck. Check out our next article on the next step for a successful application. Visit Imperial Educational Services and Studylink for some resources

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