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January 5, 2018BY StudyAbroad ( 3 ) Comment

Affordable study abroad destinations for Nigerians

Does studying abroad sound fabulous but expensive? Today, many Nigerians who wish to study abroad are discouraged by high tuition fees and the uncertainty of getting a study visa to their choice study abroad destination. In this article, we reveal to you alternative and popular study abroad destinations in Europe where you are guaranteed quality education at an affordable cost. Studying abroad offers a lot of possibilities. It builds the foundation for a great career; it also helps you develop a whole new perception of life while exposing you to opportunities. We all know that choosing the right educational institution can be a daunting task which often entails considering your budget for the duration of your study. Many Nigerian students choose to study abroad in Europe for several reasons: the living cost in most Eastern European cities is much lower than in Western European cities. Studying in Europe can be affordable and pocket-friendly without you needing to compromise on the quality of education. It also affords you the opportunity to learn a new foreign language and to live in a multicultural and diversified community. At Imperial Educational Services, we believe that quality education improves the development of any society and the youths who occupy significant positions in that country should be properly educated in order to improve the society. We also believe quality education should be affordable and accessible to all Nigerians.

Study Overseas in CyprusCyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, lying just south of Turkey and it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe among other Mediterranean countries. The higher education system in Cyprus is shaped by the European Higher Education Area as outlined by the Bologna Process. Higher Education in Cyprus consists of the public and private institutions of Higher Education at University and non-University level. Different factors make Cyprus the perfect destination for Nigerian students who decide to study there.

Although Turkish and Greek are the official languages of the island, English is also widely spoken as Cyprus was a former British colony. English is the language of instruction in many universities in Cyprus. Also, since Cyprus is situated at the crossroad of Europe, Asia, and Africa, the cultural diversity is high which makes it possible to meet new people from all over the world.

Numerous universities in Cyprus offer their courses at affordable fees with scholarships at different program levels. The ‘University of Nicosia’ has a variety of programs of study ranging from Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D., training professional, as well as distance learning education for Nigerian students studying abroad in Cyprus. Popular courses which Nigerian students are enrolled in at UNIC include the Medical school, School of Business, Computer Science or Education.

Another popular university in Cyprus, the ‘Cyprus International University’ has developed a number of study programs that bring international students to the island. Students can choose from numerous Bachelor, Master and PhD programs, also the popular and best courses include Hospitality and Tourism, Management.

Study Abroad in HungaryStudying abroad in Hungary.

Hungary is very often in the target of international students, Nigerian students inclusive. Reasons vary, but the main is the well known high-quality education and the affordable tuition fees and expenses. Due to the fact that the living cost is high in many western European cities and goes lower as we head towards the East, Nigerian students choose Hungary mainly for this reason. For example, the average tuition fees at the Debrecen University vary from $2700 to $8000 depending on the program. ‘Debrecen University’ is known by its values and excellence in education, besides the different programs offered, like Engineering, Humanities, Informatics, the most popular still remain the Medical and Health Sciences.

Study Overseas in LithuaniaStudying abroad in Lithuania.

Nigerian(International) students who want to study abroad, in an established high-education institution but have a lean budget very often resort to studying in Central or Eastern Europe. Since in these countries, institutions have a well defined educational program at a lower cost than in other North or Western European countries.

Being in the top list of universities in Lithuania, and established in the 16th century the Vilnius University made its name over centuries with as the most distinguished high-educational institutions in Eastern Europe. The instructions are mainly in English, Russian which makes it possible to learn a new foreign language. Popular courses include Medicine, Dentistry, Management and Business Administration.

Studying abroad in Bulgaria.

Being one of the most affordable countries in Europe, Bulgaria became not only a popular touristic destination for foreigners but also an educational target for international students. Nigerian students who want to study abroad with a lean budget can do so in Bulgaria. Bulgaria has a very affordable tuition fee while giving you the possibility to complete your education at the leading Bulgarian universities.

At the ‘Sofia University’ international students are given the opportunity to pay the tuition fee set by the Council of Ministers which is being set for their entire study duration. The language of instruction is in Bulgarian and English, only a few Bachelor Degree programs are being fully thought in English, the European Union and European Integration and Nuclear and Particle Physics and a number of Master Degree programs.

In conclusion, these countries not only have conducive weather conditions and good environment for learning, they are also endued with schools that are affordable and offer world-class education for international students. They are also safe countries to reside with a good living standard compared to its cost.

Everyday our Educational Consultants help and guide prospective students in making the right Study Abroad choices or decisions. From Picking a Country, Picking a Course, Successful Admission Application and Placement, Visa and Travel Support, we do it all.

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3 thoughts on “Discover top affordable european study abroad destinations for Nigerians
  1. KiaraSays

    6 years ago

    It’s often hard to find the nice and affordable guidelines to get good varsity for higher studies in abroad. Though now for Nigerian above mentioned varsity which are situated in Europe worth in every possible way for them. In order to make the best way out to do well in educational opportunities in Europe Nigerian student will go for the link to find the best course of actions to fulfill their dreams in the country. Get <a href="http://myassignmenthelpaustralia.blogspot.com/">assignment help</a> from here.Helpful articles for all. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vijay AntonySays

    6 years ago

    Hi, I never read these kind of blog, It's really very nice!! Thanks for sharing a good information.. Many Indian facing hard time to adopt extreme climate condition (cold and hot) and food style. Some other factors to consider No Donation and affordable fees and Easy accessibility with several daily flights

  3. Angyer VandefanSays

    4 years ago

    Thank you for the study abroad Destinations you have provided. However, I believe most of these country might be difficult to cope with due to language barriers. www.studyawake.com

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