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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”Study in Cyprus Maritime Academy” alignment=”left” spacer=”line_only” line_height=”1″ line_width=”50″]A Great Opportunity at a Great Educational Center

What is important in choosing your career prospect is to find the ideal program of study and obtain that at the best Educational Center. The Cyprus Maritime Academy offers this exactly. With endless career prospects of the cadets to graduate, the University of Nicosia, the largest University in Cyprus which accepts students of all nationalities, sex, and religions, gives to cadets that want to succeed in the demanding field of Marine, the proper and right tools and skills to do so. The opportunity in working in one of the largest and challenging fields in the world is given to all of you through our programs.

What is Distinctive About the CyMA?

The Cyprus Maritime Academy is the first and only Maritime Academy in Cyprus, with strong partnerships and collaboration with the Maritime industry. Our Academy utilizes state-of the art facilities on the island to offer the best and top quality technical, academic and practical opportunities for learning to our cadets. The CyMA, ideally placed by the sea in Larnaca, is the perfect place to study and obtain the Competency certification, under the approval of the Department of Merchant Shipping in Cyprus and based on the IMO certifications.[/ultimate_heading]

Do you want to succeed in the demanding field of the Marine Industry?
Do you want to conquer the seas and the oceans?
Do you want to obtain a qualification that will open all doors to success?
Do you want to study for 4 years and succeed for life?
If you reply yes to all the above, the Cyprus Maritime Academy (CyMA) of the University of Nicosia is the place for you. It offers professional, academic and technical training in the field of Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, and Marine Electrotechnology.

CyMA aims in providing the best knowledge and skills to all cadets registered under its programs of, the Cyprus Maritime Academy functions under the University of Nicosia, the largest University in the island of Cyprus, and follows all specifications and requirements for the IMO standards of certification and under the STCW Convention.

As per this, the qualifications obtained from the CyMA, are recognized by the Cyprus Department of Merchant Shipping and under the Cyprus flag. The use of the Cyprus flag, which is considered one of the highest quality EU flags available today and is recognized worldwide, is something the CyMA competencies can offer you and this will help you work and chase a career in the maritime field.

The facilities utilized by the CyMA have state of the art equipment, with high-technology simulators, machines, bridges and electrical circuits. Our Academy offers the best quality of training to all cadets under its programs of study.

For cadets to complete their training, they need to attend a 2 semester onboard training. With a close link with the industry, we try to find the ideal internship for each cadet, so that the onboard training is planned by us for you.

Also, we provide all support in terms of admissions, uniforms, accommodation, visa, and any other training needed for the cadets’ advancement.

It is our aim to assist cadets also financially, therefore we have drafted a financial scheme which will assure that our programs are affordable and the career path is open to all.

The Maritime field is a very demanding and interesting field of expertise. Future cadets that wish to tackle and succeed in the field, need to obtain the relevant professional qualification which are approved by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Within the EU, growth in the maritime sectors and the blue economy in general; will require an appropriately skilled workforce, able to apply the latest technologies in engineering and a range of other disciplines. There is currently a skills gap that must be tackled. Shortage of suitably skilled workers has been identified by the European Commission as a factor which blocks growth in nearly all economic sectors.

In the last decade, the shipping industry has, on several occasions, warned of an impending shortage of qualified labor onboard EU-flagged ships. With the loss of the national maritime training systems, the amount of active EU seafarers has continuously reduced to today’s alarming low levels in all EU States.

Choosing a Maritime career may offer you opportunities for working onboard but also onshore. The industry needs new cadets, Navigational Officers , Engineering Officer and Electro-technical officers, which will make sure the sector is improving and advancing its work.

Choosing a Maritime career, may offer you certainty in work, as 90% of world trade is transported by the international shipping industry and expected to grow further.

Choosing a Maritime career may offer you the prospects to further develop your knowledge, skills, and competencies in specialization areas of the field.

Every day our Educational Services help and guide prospective students in making the right Study Abroad choices or decisions. From Picking a Country, Picking a Course, Successful Admission Application, and Placement, Visa and Travel Support, we do it all.

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