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January 23, 2017BY StudyAbroad ( 0 ) Comment

Affordable Study Abroad options for 2017

I am writing you this mail because I care about you as I know you must have reviewed the year 2016 and set your goals for 2017. I want to share with you three things that you can add to your goals.
1.Write Down your goals-You must take time to write down in details the things you wish to achieve having reviewed your past. In writing down your goals, make sure it is SMART-Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound.
2. Strategic Partnership: There is popular adage that says “No man is an Island” which means everyone has its strength. You must Leverage on the strength of others in a symbiotic manner as that will help you to achieve more. Always remember the acronym TEAM-Together Each Achieves More
3. Make Financial Projections-Every goal you set might require some funding and I am sure that you must have made some savings in 2016 despite the economic Setback. lol..
This is my advice on how to make your financial projections for 2017 based on your 100% Income
i. Tithe/Offering-20%
ii. Education-20%
iii. Transportation and Logistics for the month-20%
iv. Savings-20%
v. Housing-20%
At Imperial Educational Service, we believe in your Education and that’s the reason we are giving you opportunities to earn your degree at a reduced Tuition considering some of our Scholarship options for 2017. Check out Scholarship options  CLICK HERE
I want to be part of your Success Story

CEO. Imperial Educational Services
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