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February 21, 2020BY StudyAbroad ( 0 ) Comment

8 Reasons to Study Electrical and computer engineering

This course represents a hybrid of electrical engineering and computer programming. It is quite possibly becoming the most rapidly evolving field of technology in the world today.

From designing pioneering medical equipment such as surgical robots and monitoring devices to help patients and identify diseases, to creating sustainable energy and power systems to measure and combat climate change, 21st century technologies in electrical and computer engineering are transforming the world.

Become an innovator

Electrical and Computer Engineering Students are at the forefront of future technologies. They use their math and science expertise to design and develop affordable, efficient, accessible and sustainable solutions to everyday problems.

For example, Bill Gates, Tim Berners Lee, Esther M. Conwell, Nikola Telsa, and Heinrich Rudolf Hertz are all electrical and computer engineers that have left outstanding legacies in their respective fields. You could join this list of amazing names one day?

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Make an Impact in the world

Inventor create products that help society at the same time. They create new technologies and products that matter. However, let’s face it, electrical and Computer engineers are indispensable to society – without them, well, you wouldn’t even be reading this article for a start.

Surely, this is an incentive to consider studying this fascinating and growing field?

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Opportunity to study in two countries

Similarly, if you decide to study the Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering at our partner university (Duke Kunshan University). You can get the best of both global powerhouses as you would spend your first year studying in mainland China, and then travel to the US for your second year to study at Duke University, in North Carolina.

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Electrical and computer engineering graduates enjoy high starting salaries

How does an average annual salary of 39million sound?

Considering the size of the electrical and computer engineering field, the demand for those with the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise is impressively high. There is, of course, the inevitable career ladder to climb, so although the starting salary may not be a six-figure sum, you can still expect a healthy salary at the start of your career.

A degree in electrical and computer engineering opens many doors. Although you may not have given your future career path much thought just yet, the skills you’ll develop – along with the awareness of relevant contexts, such as business and environmental issues that you’ll acquire in your degree – will give you all you need to get started.

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Electrical and Computer engineering graduates are versatile and can work in several Industries

Electrical and computer engineers can work in the healthcare and renewable energy industries, but they also work in aerospace, bioengineering, construction and manufacturing, automation, transport, entertainment (think smartphones, computer tablets and 3D television), as well as telecommunications.

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Opportunity to work overseas

Even before graduating, Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering students at Duke Kunshan University have the exciting opportunity to undertake an internship in mainland China during the summer between first year and second year of their studies.

Plus, they can acquire an OPT (optional practical training) for up to 24 months after graduating, which gives them coveted access to the US job market.

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Opportunity to work for a global corporation

The technology landscape is constantly evolving and needs the next generation of electrical and computer engineers to be armed with all the right skills, knowledge and expertise.
You can follow in the footsteps of electrical and computer engineering graduates from Duke Kunshan University and work for a truly global corporation, such as Google, Facebook, Uber, Bosch, and Bloomberg.

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Never Boring

Last but not the least, thanks to the constant modification, invention and re-invention of various gadgets and products, you’ll never be bored as you put your knowledge, imagination and technical skillset is put to the test. What more could you want?

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