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Terms and Condition

  • I certify that statement made on this form and attached documents are genuine and accurate
  • I understand that my application can be terminated if the information and documents supplied are found to be incorrect, false, distorted or misleading.
  • I authorize Imperial Educational Services to carry out a search on my Personal Information/Documents for the purpose of securing my visa.
  • I confirm that I am a prospective student or visitor with a genuine intention to study or visit in my proposed country.
  • I understand that staff and management of Imperial Educational Services are not liable for my tuition fee payment.
  • I confirm that if I am given the visa to study or visit my proposed country, I will abide by the conditions on my visitation.
  • That my registration fees and processing fees are not refundable
  • That my Tuition/Accommodation fee are paid directly to the school account
  • I understand that my offer of admission is valid for a particular semester/season except deferred
  • That the tuition fees are refundable upon presentation of visa refusal document but subject to little administrative charges.
  • That my parents/sponsor has consented to my Educational pursuit Abroad and are financially committed.
  • I understand that I will be responsible for my feeding and accommodation.
  • I understand that most schools require full payment of tuition before the issuance of the visa, while others require payment after the visa has been granted.
  • I understand that Imperial Educational Services agency and service fees change depending on the level of services required.
  • I understand that further services in my proposed country (airport pick up, accommodation referral and ongoing services) are not part of the service charge.
  • I understand that if my first and second choice of study or country are not available,  we can advise on the next available Course/Country.
  • I agree to all of the above terms and conditions

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