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February 21, 2020BY StudyAbroad

Reading Now – Study in Germany from Nigeria: Guide 101

Over the years, Germany has grown to become one of the favorite destinations to pursue higher education. The number of foreign applicants applying to study in Germany has been shown to be increasing steadily year by year. That’s because Germany provides FREE education for those that understand German Language.

Study in Germany from Nigeria: Guide 101

Yes, the university education in Germany is free for those who want to study in German Language. Even courses like Medicine, Engineering and Business Adminstration are free but one has to prove proficiency in German Language.

For Undergraduates, the process of getting into the German Progression system is as follows:

 German language:

  • 6 Months German Language Course with Exams
  • Exam: B1 (Zertifikat Deutsch)

After which the student proceeds to a foundation course i.e a pathway to your desired degree.

Foundation course/Studienkolleg:

  •  Entry Test
  • 12 Months Pre-University Course
  • Exam: Studienkolleg exam + C1 (Test DaF)

Get into the Univeristy and complete your Bachelor Degree  FREE. Roughly within 6 – 7 semesters


For Masters Degree the process of getting into the German progression system is as follows:

German language:

  • 9-12 months German Language Course
  • Exam: C1 (TestDaf)

 University (Masters):

  • 4 Semesters



First, the tuition fee is only paid for the 6 Months German language course ( It is only after the 6 Months German language course is Free ).

In all, the tuition fee is 4,697 Euros for the Undergraduate language course and 6,433 Euros for the Masters Language course. This fee must be transferred to the German Language school before you go to the embassy.

You must understand the language first. It is only when you pass the Language Exams that you qualify for Tuition fee education.

Our Admission Process

  • Before we can commence you admission you would have to pay non – refundable consultation fee then,
  •  Send us a scanned copy of your School leaving Certificate.
  • Send us a scanned copy of your TOEFL/IELTS score.
  •  Send us a scanned copy of your International Passport.
  •  Send us a scanned copy of one passport Photograph.
  • Send us your Curriculum Vitae (CV/Resume).

Our Application Process

  • Application fee – Payment of application fee to the required school is necessary
  • Send us a personal statement. Universities abroad are looking for students dedicated to Academic excellence, international orientation and high engagement to personal goals and achievements. The personal statement should be about 1 ½ page and max of 800 words about yourself, your personal goals and why you have chosen the University.

Step 2

  •  An Acceptance Letter within 2 weeks will be sent to you by the school.
  • Part of the fees will then be transferred directly into the School’s account.

Step 3

  • Pay Visa Application Fee

Note: We only do visa application to those that have paid the visa application fee.

The requirements of German Embassy.

Please go through it very well.

  • Valid passport and 2 color passport photos with a white background.
  •  Birth certificate and declaration of age.
  •  Original School Leaving Certificates of Secondary School, original WAEC-Certificate
  •  Proof of previous academic studies / professional training, if applicable.
  • Proof of financial means for one year (7908.- EUR on a blocked German bank account or official German declaration of sponsorship for one year given before a German authority. You can open the blocked account at any bank of your choice. Information regarding the opening of a blocked bank account at Deutsche Bank can be received via (db.student@db.com).
  • Original letter of admission to university.
  • Proof of knowledge of the German language, if required for the course.
  •  A “WAEC-direct access card”.

All documents must be submitted in original with 2 copies. The procedure takes approximately 2-3 months after all required documents and information have been submitted.

In addition, also note that accommodation on campus for International students have guaranteed accommodation on Campus at the price of 400 € per month.

However, accommodation off-campus is dependent on the standard of living  wished by the student. But 400 Euros for standard accommodatio. Further accomodations off campus are available at lower rates.

Consequently, there are jobs that students can take advanteage of with convenient salaries for student:

Did you know that  80% of internships are paid and salaries  range between 400 Euros and 1.500 Euros depending on students’ performance. Part time jobs are also available while studying.

In conclusion, be rest assured that after graduation: German economy is good shape and the chances of you occupying the 1,1 million positions vacant for university graduates is perculiar.


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