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April 15, 2019BY StudyAbroad

Great Study Abroad Locations for Economics and Business Students

Studying abroad can be illuminating for business and economics students learning about principles and trends in international commerce. Discover ten great study abroad locations that are fit for these students.

1. London, England

London’s economy is one of the largest in the world, standing alongside Tokyo and New York City. The city is also an important center of global finance, employing hundreds of thousands in the financial services sector. Hundreds of foreign banks have a presence in the city due to its prominence in international markets. U.S. students in business and economics programs choose London for its many opportunities and shared language. The London School of Economics and Political Science is an institution known for its research and teaching of the social sciences, thus making it a great place for a study abroad experience.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo – along with New York City and London – is among the top-three most important international financial centers in the world. The Japanese capital is the center of Japan’s economy. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is also among the largest in the international business community based on measures of value and activity. One school to consider for study is the University of Tokyo, which offers classes in English or Japanese.

3. Paris, France

Paris has an impressive economy that attracts international students from around the globe. The French capital is home to dozens of Global 500 companies, and its GDP is in the top ten among the world’s cities. Paris is known for having an economy that incorporates diverse sectors and is home to organizations such as UNESCO and the International Chamber of Commerce. One of many places to study business is at the Paris School of Business.

4. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is among the most important major commercial and financial centers in the world. Designated a ‘global city’ – which denotes significant influence in the international economy – Seoul is the worldwide headquarters of widely known companies such as Samsung, Hyundai and LG. Seoul is geographically located in an ideal spot, making day trips extremely convenient for business and tourism alike. Student considering travelling to Seoul should read up on Seoul National University as a possible location for studying abroad.

5. Singapore, Singapore

Singapore has long been a major player in global trade. The city-state was a colony of Britain until 1965, and it played an important role in the United Kingdom’s colonial enterprises. In the present day, Singapore has been ranked number one as the easiest place in which to do business, according to the International Finance Corporation. As a result, it is among the five largest foreign exchange trading centers in the world. Studying for a semester or two at the National University of Singapore would be an enriching experience for economics and business students alike.

6. Sydney, Australia

Australia’s recognized business center, Sydney, features a thriving financial services sector that is the envy of cities throughout the world. The Australian Stock Exchange, located in Sydney, consists of 65% of Australia’s trading activity. The city also features regional headquarters for hundreds of international companies. If Sydney is your preferred destination, see if your school offers a program at the University of Sydney Business School.

7. Toronto, Canada

U.S. business and economics students who want to be closer to home than Europe or Asia may want to consider finding a host school in Toronto. The stock exchange and banking center of Canada also features a plethora of distribution and manufacturing sectors. Toronto has the distinction of being home to some of the few financial sectors that survived the recession relatively intact. Check out the University of Toronto for its business and economy studies.

8. Hong Kong

This global financial center benefits from close economic ties with Mainland China. Featuring a huge port, Hong Kong is an important center for international trade. The free market economy is widely recognized to have among the fewest restrictions on financial activity. Numerous multinational banks and corporations have offices in the city to take advantage of lax financial regulations. City University of Hong Kong might be a good place to go for studying international business and economy.

9. Shanghai, China

Shanghai, the center of economic activity in China, features a financial sector that is among the largest in the world. Recently Shanghai has been making policy changes that put it in the running to replace Hong Kong as Asia’s international trade and finance hub. International students who choose Shanghai for study – and perhaps work – stand to gain valuable experience in a metropolis that is gaining in global financial stature.

10. Sao Paulo, Brazil

The largest city in Brazil is a thriving financial center in the midst of an economic boom. A rapid influx of foreign investment has helped to make an economy once reliant on manufacturing into a multidimensional system, including a robust services sector. Many business and economics students looking to go abroad choose Sao Paolo to learn firsthand about the city’s growing economic power.



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