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February 25, 2020BY StudyAbroad

Developing Creative Entrepreneurs into Leaders of the Industry

International predictive job information published by the UK’s National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) indicates that creative jobs are expected to grow by 87% by 2030, compared to a sharp decrease across more traditional sectors.

Employers are already looking for transferable skills such as critical thinking, digital literacy, and creativity. Artificial intelligence is exactly that: artificial. Human problem-solving, creativity, flexibility, and adaptability are going to be key distinguishing factors in the jobs of the future.

At Imperial Educational Services, we believe the future is creative. Technology and the global cultural and creative industries are shaping the way we interact with the world. Consumer demand and usage are rapidly changing and we need leaders, change-makers, and visionaries to not only respond to these changes but to look beyond and develop tomorrow’s products and experiences today.

creative thinking
Creative thinking and Problem Solving

We have put together a few courses that you can take online for free as well as universities where you can study this exciting field. Developing creative entrepreneurs.

1. Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success
Time commitment: 7 weeks, 2–4 hours a week (self-paced)
Course instructors from Imperial College London

2. Visual Perception and the Brain
Time commitment: 4 weeks, 3–4 hours a week (self-paced)
Course Instructor from Duke University

3. Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation
Time commitment: 10 weeks, 8–10 hours a week (self-paced)
Course Instructors from HEC Paris

4. Creative Problem Solving
Time commitment: 4–6 hours a week (self-paced)
Course Instructors from the University of Minnesota.

You can now apply with Imperial Educational Services to one of our partner universities abroad. You can apply whenever you want with little or no cost.

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